Back in 2013 we were very lucky that Georgina from a Fuller Figure, A Fuller Bust said she would be interested in doing a review/ feature about Vollers and our Paradise corset. 

Below is a great photo of Georgina showing off the amazing hourglass shape a Paradise corset can create. 

George in A Vollers Corsets



The next corset that Georgina tried by Vollers was our Essence corset which is a long overbust  that has detailing down the strappings of the corset. George wore a size 32" but after wearing the corset a couple of times she could close the back of the corset fully so if she wanted more of an hour glass shape she need to order the next smaller size down. 

George in Vollers Corsets

Georgina in Voller Corset


Georgina also visited our factory in Portsmouth where we have been making corsets since 1899.  She was able to see the skill and craftsmanship that goes into making a real steel boned corset. When she was at our factory she was able to try a range of different corsets and left with our Eye Candy and Passion corset.


Voller corset being made



Below is some photos of Georgina dressed up for Halloween in the Eye Candy corset in Black Satin.


Georgina Dressed up for Halloween



Next Georgina did a little wedding inspired photo shoot with our Passion corset.

Georgina in Vollers Passion Corset


Georgina in Vollers Passion Corset


Georgina in Vollers Passion Corset