Club Noir – Venue

What is the most difficult aspect of being a part of the Burlesque industry?

Despite its glam image, there’s still a limit that tickets can sell for – even Dita Von Teese tickets don’t sell for what they deserve. It can be frustrating seeing a night with some DJs sell for more than a full-on burlesque show with 50 troupe members. This seems to be the case worldwide. C’est la vie.

What advice would you give to anybody wanting to join the industry?

Be unique. Do what makes you stand out – whether it’s the smallest corseted waist, a talent not seen in your town, creating beautiful costumes, green hair. You don’t want people in the audience thinking “I could do that”.

Why do you think people enjoy Burlesque shows?

Pure escapism. It allows them to dress up, to cast off their lives’ uniforms and be anything they want to be – for one night only. As for enjoying the actual shows – what’s not to love? A whirlwind of variety, the weird and wonderful from around the world, beauty in many forms, sensuality, covetable costumes. You can’t get this experience anywhere else apart from a live show. You can’t see this on telly. You can get snippets on YouTube but it just does not compare to actually being there, and being a part of the buzzy atmosphere yourself.

What is the best thing about being a part of the Burlesque industry?

We are creating a legendary scene that will be envied by generations to come. We gather to the fold the most interesting people in society – and they become an even better person for being a part of our tribe. More hedonistic, more confident, more outlandish – more themselves.

What is the best aspect of a Burlesque show?

It’s a kapow to the senses. We’ll have performers from Scottish Ballet or Scottish Opera, 5 minutes later there’s a ridiculous comedy act, a rude dominatrix, then a beautiful woman stripteasing from a breathtaking gown. A rollercoaster of emotions.