Khandie Khisses

How did you find a passion in Burlesque?

I was in the military and felt so de-feminised in my role. Perfect for being in the military but hard to get out of that mentality when I wasn’t working. I ended up taking stand up comedy classes. Soon I was learning about body language and so much more. Slowly I was introduced to burlesque. The passion I have is driven by all that I am. If you love something, that passion never goes.

What is the most difficult aspect of being apart of the Burlesque industry?

Seeing the change in the scene so much so that burlesque has been damaged at times. Often its hard to make headway when the scene is somewhat oversaturated at times.

What advice would you give to anybody wanting to join the industry?

Research all there is. Go to shows. Support the art you want to be part of.

What is the best aspect of being apart of the Burlesque industry?

It’s a true family. Sure there are family squabbles but its like a family unit. We look out for our own.

Do you have a burlesque icon inspiration?

Kitten DeVille. My girl can shake those hips like no other. I like that she isn’t quite the same as so many of the burlesque ladies out there. She is old school and proud of it.