Lady Wildflower

How did you find a passion in Burlesque?

I started pin-up modelling aged 19 when a friend asked me to pose for her. She introduced me to some local burlesque performers at The Cat’s Pyjamas in Grimsby, who she had also photographed. The producer, Snappy O’Shea, asked me to help out one night working front-of-house. I was already a huge Dita Von Teese fan and I’d been obsessed with the Moulin Rouge since I was 14 so I jumped at the chance to be involved. I was absolutely blown away by this fabulous world I had just stepped into and I was hooked from that night. After a few shows, Snappy encouraged me to work on my own routine and gave me the opportunity to perform. I have never looked back…

What is the most difficult aspect of being apart of the Burlesque industry?

As with any self-employed work, it can be stressful not knowing where the next pay check is coming from and can sometimes be lonely. Working very irregular hours can often be annoying and means missing out on family gatherings and other things that happen at evenings and weekends. However, I really enjoy being my own boss and the pros really do outweigh the cons.

What advice would you give to anybody wanting to join the industry?

Watch as many shows as you possibly can. If you really want to be part of this industry, you need to support it by buying tickets for shows or there won’t be an industry to be part of. Also, you learn SO much from watching other performers. I’ve been performing burlesque for over 7 years but I still watch as many shows as I can and feel incredibly inspired every time I see a great act.
Be prepared to work hard. You don’t get to be successful in this industry without a lot of self-motivation, passion and hard work.

What is the best aspect of being apart of the Burlesque industry?

The sisterhood! I have met so many incredible women (and men) through this industry and my best friends in the world are burlesque performers. There is so much support and encouragement within the scene. I also really love the fact that being a burlesque performer allows me to travel all over the world and see places I might never have seen if I was working in a different field.

Do you have a burlesque icon inspiration?

I am inspired every day by the performers around me who work their ass off to live their dreams – there are too many to name just one. They’re all magnificent!