Neon Moon

What are the best parts of the burlesque industry?

For the performers it’s the audience, the cheers and being able to hold hundreds of people spellbound. For the audience it’s the escapism, the drama and amazing presentation that comes with quality Burlesque shows and sometimes the sheer madness of it all!¬†And for the event producer it’s seeing the crazy event you dreamed up going smoothly and everybody having a great time!

What is the most difficult aspect of being apart of the burlesque industry?

Often we find we’re dealing with misconceptions – people who think that Burlesque is ‘just stripping’ (it is NOT!) and people who are new to the scene thinking they might be asked to get up and perform, just because they have bought a ticket (this was such a problem, we put it in our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ on our website!)

Other than that, feather boas. The damn things leave fluff everywhere.

What advice would you give to anybody wanting to join the industry?

It’s tough – so make sure you do your research first. But it can be incredible fun! Most of the really successful acts have something really unique just to them, whether it’s style, a character or just the overall presentation – good performances come from knowing who you are and what makes your act different to everything else out there. Oh, and practice, practice, practice!

Why do you think people enjoy burlesque shows?

The whole point of our events is to create another world for our guests. One thing we aim to create every time is an atmosphere with a sense of play, where people aren’t afraid to take risks like dressing up and interacting with walkabout performers.

Burlesque shows have this great sense of style that comes with them, perhaps because there’s so much focus on costume for the acts – and at the end of the day, everyone loves going out looking amazing – I’ve rarely seen our guests looking anything less than fabulous. Good Burlesque shows are (like the art itself) really about performance and entertainment – holding someone’s attention and creating a spectacle that they’ll remember long after you’re finished. It’s the art of live variety entertainment that used to be much more common in the UK but seems to have been lost a little in recent years – and that makes the shows that much more special now.

What is the best aspect of being apart of the burlesque industry?

The mix of people you get to meet. Performers are usually pretty great people to hang out with, and you hear some AMAZING stories from people!

As an event producer, there’s real satisfaction to running an event for hundreds of people and seeing them all having a great time. The cheer from the audience after a really good act finishes just gets me every time. And when you’re on stage and it’s your act they’re cheering for, it feels incredible.

Getting people to come to a Burlesque event for the first time is great too – I love meeting people who’ve never been to an event like it before, and you can tell from the way they’re enthusing over the acts, the decor and everything else that they’re totally hooked.

It’s an industry I’m proud to be part of though – it’s such a great avenue for performers to channel their creativity into, and I’ll never tire of seeing new and exciting acts!