The Folly Mixtures

What is the most difficult aspect of being a part of the Burlesque industry?

When you put on your own shows, and take on a lot more responsibility.  I find that the time planning around a show or event, takes up so much more time than the show itself! Marketing, making play lists, spec sheets, running orders, seating plans, selling tickets, costume upkeep, booking guests, invoicing, the list is endless! It is very easy to be so busy with all of that, you have to be careful you still have time to prepare for your actual performance on the night!

What advice would you give to anybody wanting to join the industry?

1.Watch as much burlesque as possible! This will give you a good idea of what is already out there, as you want to be as original as possible with your ideas, costumes and music.

2. Find your individual style and personality as a performer and stay true to it – it could be classic, super sexy, comedy, sideshow, anything goes!

3. Learn to drink copious amount of bubble wine! 😉

What is the best aspect of being a part of the Burlesque industry?

The friends you make – The Folly Mixtures have grown from a group of 4 to a group of 16 now, and the girls are all very different but so supportive of each other, which is lovely. Not many people are lucky enough to go to work and get to hang out with fabulous sparkly people all day! Once you have shared a dressing room and seen the places glitter gets, or comforted someone after their nipple tassel flew off into the audience, you become life long friends!

What is the best thing about a Burlesque show?

The performers have so much freedom. I come from a musical theatre background, where you are given your character, costume and choreography, so love the fact that with burlesque the creative control is all ours.

I also think the audience get more interaction, by the end of the show you should feel like you know the performer and their personality. I probably shouldn’t, but do find it funny on the odd occasion when a bit of costume gets stuck or falls off too early! The performer can have a giggle with the audience about it and they will always be on your side!