The Flaming Feathers

What is the most difficult aspect of being a part of the Burlesque industry?

Although people are more educated now about Burlesque and what it means due to the increasing popularity, you still get the narrow minded or uneducated people who relate it to stripping or un tasteful entertainment, which is it not.I guess by performing high quality shows and doing the burlesque and cabaret scene justice, we are slowly but surely changing those minds.

What advice would you give to anybody wanting to join the industry?

Be prepared to work hard for it. It takes years of rehearsals, shows and experience to become a well established performer – Don’t think it is all glamorous, because the reality is, it isn’t. Take what you can get in the early days, and don’t cherry pick.

What is the best thing about being a part of the Burlesque industry?

The buzz of performing at some fantastic shows, meeting some awesome people along the way and you cannot beat a standing ovation at the end of one of our most famous acts – The Can-Can. No two days are the same, when you are a performer – it’s never dull.

What is the best aspect of a Burlesque show?

EVERYTHING from the buzz from the audience, the stage, the lights, the backstage banter with other performers…and of course the costumes.